Personal Training in Canberra

Personal Training in Canberra

Need experienced, highly qualified Personal Training in Canberra, Australia? There’s a new specialist trainer in town.

Who am I?

This is me!

I have worked all over the world (5 continents and counting) and now I’m here to help people in Canberra to Move, Feel, and Live Better!

I help people experiencing pain and injury to move well, train effectively, and find more enjoyment in exercise and movement. I pull techniques from Yoga, Functional Training, Muscle Control, and even Thai Massage to help you find the joy you deserve in moving your body.

Why work with me?

With so many trainers offering Personal Training in Canberra, why work with me? Simple, if you have pain (especially back or knee pain) and are sick and tired of it holding you back in the gym or moving around in your life, I want to find out if I can help you. And frankly I probably can.

My approach is not to treat you as a patient or someone with a problem. Instead, I help you to find the ways your body already moves well and use them to give you a fulfilling, enjoyable training experience. This translates to you enjoying moving around with more comfort in your life!

Great, when can we start?

Hold on a second! I’m only taking on clients for Personal Training in Canberra who are truly motivated to improve their experience of movement. Fill out this form and I’ll be in touch. If it seems like we’re a good fit we can start right away. If not, I’ll try to refer you to a colleague better suited to your needs.

Not ready yet?

No worries, feel free to hang around the site and check out the content. And when you feel ready to get involved I’ll be here. And if you’re interested but not in Canberra, sign up to the newsletter because there will be news about online training options coming soon!



I'm a movement freak! I love to break down the ways people move to help them get around and do interesting things with more success, less pain, and greater joy. I've worked on five continents with hundreds of people in dozens of settings. And whether it's in a cafe on a Thai beach or in a fully-equipped studio I find I'm generally able to help people move, feel and live better. When I'm not playing the mad movement scientist, I'm generally playing with my baby daughter Jaya or hanging out with the love of my life, her amazing mother Zoe.

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